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Est . 2020
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Don't let wedding florals stress you out. We're here to help spark ideas and bring your vision to reality.

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Blooms by Brookie Weddings

When you become a Blooms by Brookie bride you can expect to receive detailed and thoughtful care. Your needs as the bride are made our first priority by all of us here at Blooms. Our  goal  is to understand your expectations and then bring them to life. Our team is trained and prepared to work quickly and efficiently with the upmost quality all while achieving your beautiful dream wedding. Anything from custom grown floral to large instillations to one-of-a-kind design, we provide fun and creative options for any wedding. As always, designed with love.

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Couple standing in front of a white floral cross
" Blooms by Brookie delivered more than we could have imagined for our July 29th wedding.  Brooke was able to understand our vision and add design elements to ensure we had enough variety in texture & depth to allow our all-white theme to be truly elegant.  Our flowers were grown specifically for Caroline & Ben on their farm which was a special touch we all so enjoyed.   You won't go wrong trusting Blooms by Brookie for your wedding!  THANK YOU  for making our day so BEAUTIFUL! "

Angie Cayote, Mother of the Bride


From Farm-to-Forever ...

Our Story

In the heart of Texas, a story of resilience and blooming dreams unfolds with Blooms By Brookie, a testament to the enduring spirit of Brooke and her partner Blake. This narrative is not just about flowers; it's a journey of rediscovery, partnership, and the blossoming of a unique business in the face of adversity.

Brooke's journey into the world of floristry began at Baylor University. As a student majoring in business and personal communications, she nurtured her passion for flowers through internships with several florists in the Waco area. These early experiences sowed the seeds for her future endeavors.

Brooke embarked on a career in event management at a resort hotel in North Texas. Floristry remained a cherished dream, envisioned as a serene retirement plan. However, life had other plans. The onset of the pandemic brought unforeseen challenges, leading to Brooke's furlough and a plunge into uncertainty.


In these trying times, Brooke turned back to her first love: flowers. What started as a hobby to weather the storm of uncertainty soon flourished into something more. Her floral designs, created for enjoyment, began to catch the eye of attendees at local horse shows. This newfound recognition paved the way for Brooke to become the go-to florist at major breed horse shows, a niche that perfectly blended her talents and interests.

September 2020 marked a pivotal chapter in Brooke's story. At the APHA World Show, fate introduced her to Blake. This meeting was not just a romantic milestone but also the beginning of a profound professional partnership. Two weeks after their meeting, Brooke, recognizing their shared synergy, asked Blake to join her in a photoshoot to kickstart their wedding business venture.


Cultivating Dreams Together Brooke and Blake's partnership blossomed rapidly. They combined their strengths, with Brooke's artistic flair and Blake's strategic acumen, to build Blooms By Brookie. Their shared vision led to the establishment of a flower farm, a venture that allowed them to control the quality and creativity of their designs directly.


A Flourishing Future Three years since its inception, Blooms By Brookie has grown into a thriving business. With over 350 weddings under their belt and a dedicated team by their side, Brooke and Blake have transformed their venture into a beacon of innovation and excellence in floral design. Their journey is a vivid tapestry of challenges turned into opportunities, a narrative that continues to inspire and push the boundaries of what's possible in the world of floristry.


Blooms By Brookie Today Today, Blooms By Brookie stands as a symbol of hope, creativity, and the power of following one's passion. From the uncertainty of a pandemic to the creation of a flourishing business, Brooke and Blake's story is a reminder that even in the most challenging times, beauty can emerge, and dreams can thrive. Their journey is far from over, but each step forward is a testament to their resilience, love for floristry, and the magic that happens when two people come together to create something beautiful.

Couple getting married in front of a chapel with burgundy florals
Brooke and Blake at their first date/photoshoot
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